Allan R. Baylis

Allan is a published author, speaker and International business consultant and so, he speaks from experience. He has implemented service programs at 600 locations in five countries and has engineered some of the greatest gains in market share in North American corporate history. He designed and implemented programs which helped a US-based corporation triple in size and go from worst to first on the international stage in just five years. He knows the magic bullet for success. Better still, he knows how to implement it.

Allan is a world-class presenter and has been recognized as Canada’s number one speaker. A dynamic, entertaining orator, he has delivered over 5,000 presentations in Canada, the USA and Europe for well-known corporations and associations including Four Seasons Hotels, Husky Oil, Kraft Canada and US, Trans Britannia and many others. His presentations are high energy, entertaining, and filled with real life solutions which make the experience one the audience does not forget. His client list is as diverse as are his presentations and the results are always outstanding. It takes a special speaker to hold an audience's attention after a long day of seminars, and Allan not only achieves this, he exceeds expectations.

His bestselling book, The Magic Bullet, breaks new ground in business and personal growth. His second book, The Magic Bullet for Customer Service, takes service excellence to new levels. His third and fourth books focused on sales and leadership will be released in 2014.


Allan’s presentations focus on corporate change, sales, management, leadership, customer service and personal growth. Many have discovered that choosing Allan to speak virtually guarantees a successful meeting, and he is often brought back for return engagements.