Dr. Art Hister

If laughter is the best medicine, then Dr. Art Hister is here to make your house call. Over the years, Dr. Hister has become an expert on providing a human, and humorous, face to the mysteries of medical science and the health industry. Combining humour, common sense and plain language, he helps to make the often frightening and confusing world of medicine understandable to all and accessible to everyone. He is an accomplished radio, television and live host, a sought-after moderator and a talented speaker

Dr. Hister is a daily health analyst on the Morning News on Global TV in BC and on radio's CKNW’s Morning News, and he is the resident health analyst for Up All Night on BBC 5 as well as Global TV’s Noon News and Weekend News. To underline his passion about the importance of health prevention, Dr. Hister has become a member of the Leadership Council of ActNowBC, a government initiative whose mandate is to make British Columbia into the healthiest jurisdiction to ever host the Olympic Games.

Dr. Hister has authored two bestsellers, Midlife Man and Dr. Art Hister’s Guide to a Longer and Healthier Life, as well as numerous articles for Reader's Digest, The Globe and Mail and The Medical Post. He is knowledgeable on a variety of medical topics and is also actively involved with local and national charities.