The Kindness Crew

Bestselling authors, corporate trainers and internationally acclaimed advocates for social change, the Kindness Crew is sparking a global revolution in kindness.

Originally in an effort to counteract grief and fear in the wake of 9/11, Val Litwin, Chris Bratseth, Erik Hanson and Brad Stokes-Bennett - four 28-year old Canadian "goodlums" - embarked upon a three-month non-profit marathon known as The Extreme Kindness Tour. Their adventures in altruism meant spending nights on the street with the homeless, staffing soup kitchens, breaking horses, roofing houses, swabbing decks, delivering flowers, singing songs, visiting hospitals, and staging "kindness protests" as they hugged their way into the hearts of thousands.

From audiences at Fortune 500 Companies to entire metropolitan centers, the Crew has inspired and mobilized thousands to commit acts of community service. With an impressive track record in creating and amplifying Corporate Social Responsibility programs, the Crew has been featured on CNN Headline News, Good Morning America, Canada AM, CBC Newsworld and England’s BBC Radio and profiled in hundreds of leading publications such as The Globe and Mail, Macleans and the National Post. They have also authored two best-selling books: Cool to be Kind: Random Acts and How to Commit Them and Call to Arms: Embracing a Kindness Revolution.

Today they continue to inspire countries, classes and corporations to raise funds and volunteers for charities and to embrace social responsibility.



The Kindness Injection: A Case for Kindness in the Workplace

The Kindness injection is more than a healthy shot in the arm - it is an innovative program focusing on kindness and wellness in the workplace and community. Packed with insights into corporate culture, the Kindness Crew cites groundbreaking research that draws the connection between compassion and increased employee health and productivity.

The Kindness Injection helps workers "be the change" they wish to see in the workplace and the communities that support their businesses.


The Four-Pillar Program

The members of The Crew talk about the important "four pillars" of a successful and happy work environment which includes:

Kindness to Self - Employees are able to reach their potential at work, through the tools and simple strategies the Crew gives to achieve balance and optimum health at work.

Kindness to Co-workers - The crew guides employees to an understanding of what they can do to improve workplace relationships and create connections that build teams.

Kindness to Customers - Bringing Kindness to Customers gives customers an unforgettable experience and helps connect communities that change the world.

Kindness to Community - The crew teaches employees how to engage their community and build social capital through positive networks.