Dr. Nancy Wardle

DR. Nancy Wardle is recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading mind/body physicians. She is a brilliant presenter on stress resiliency whose popular speaking topics include, Living Well in the Face of Crisis, The Well Woman, and The Balancing Act: The Practical Magic of Living Well. We have yet to see a more effective speaker on stress than Nancy Wardle.

Since her arrival from Ontario, Dr. Wardle has built a reputation as a speaker in Western Canada and is much in demand by corporate executives, educators, government workers and health professionals to deliver practical and life changing presentations on mind/body medicine, stress resiliency and living well in the face of changing conditions. She is a physician with a background in the performing arts which gives her a unique ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible and entertaining manner. Finding balance within our lives is one of the keys to Dr. Wardle’s presentations. In her own life, her scientific studies in medicine have been complimented by her studies of Buddhism, yoga, meditation, and by her involvement in the visual and performing arts. Nancy”s love of life and wellness extends to food and she is recognized by her peers as a professional-caliber gourmet chef.

Dr. Wardle received her MD from McMaster University Medical School in Ontario, where she subsequently served as a tutor. Upon graduation, Nancy worked as a GP and an emergency-room physician in Ontario. Dr. Wardle studied at the Mind/Body Institute at the Harvard Medical School founded by Herbert Benson, MD. She has relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia to specialize in her private practice of mind/body medicine. Dr. Wardle has worked as a physician at the Centre for Integrated Healing, the first clinic devoted to complimentary care for cancer patients. She continues her involvement in working with the management of pain, chronic illnesses, and other medical crises at specialist clinics, for example, the Thorson Health Centre, and in workshop settings. She currently spends two days a week working with a medically supervised weight loss program. Nancy has the ability to transform lives one at a time in her office or in large numbers during her presentations. She has also created a relaxation CD that helps counter the effects of stress and allows access to the natural calming chemistry available in every human brain.



Calm Down - The Balancing Act

Increase your stress resiliency resources by:

  • learning how to use the breath to release and relax in 3 minutes
  • acquiring strategies to restore in order to perform
  • accessing the calm "beneath the waves" for health and well–being
  • experiencing "deep–ease" versus "dis–ease"
  • staying well in the face of "busy–ness"
  • learning the art of choosing to respond versus choosing to react
  • discovering your mind/body potential for being in charge of your life


Mind/Body Medicine — The Practical Magic of Living Well

Based on Harvard Medical School research and practices:

  • integrate the healing powers of your mind and body
  • shift your beliefs and take charge of your health
  • learn practices that prevent and/or manage illness

This talk is excellent for health care and fitness professionals as well as anyone dealing with a medical crisis or care of someone who is undergoing medical issues.


The Whole SHEbang! The Well Woman.

This talk explores the myths of women's wellness. Learn how to put into practice what you already know about stress, fitness and nutrition by accepting and practicing the wisdom of "enlightened self–interest". This talk focusses on three principle questions: Why don't I trust myself? Why don't I know what I want? Why do I try to please so many others, especially unpleasables?