Peter Johnston

Peter D. Johnston is a Harvard MBA, trained journalist and former corporate and investment banker. He is best known, however, as an international negotiation expert whose results have been formally recognized by the US Government for their positive economic and social impact. He is also the author of the award-winning bestseller Negotiating with Giants, in which he lays out distinct strategies and tactics based on his own experiences and those of dozens of smaller players from across time who got what they wanted from towering organizations and individuals in extreme circumstances. He has advised CEOs on critical transactions, guided senior government officials in the face of national conflicts, and helped entire industries initiate and manage change.

He has worked with clients around the globe including many of the world’s largest corporations, such as HSBC, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Suez and Johnson & Johnson. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Johnston now divides his time between Canada and the US, as well as the East and West Coasts. Dynamic and entertaining, he often lectures at universities and speaks at conferences. Due to his expertise in negotiations, volatile conflicts and successful influence strategies related to politics, economics and personal relationships, he has been featured by CNN, PBS, ABC's “America This Morning,” FOX Business News, Oprah , US News & World Report, Business Week, The Globe and Mail, The National Post and The Wall Street Journal.


Negotiating with Giants: Get what you want from any negotiation, conflict or relationship--no matter how big the challenge.

How do you negotiate with a large insurance company when you're just another client or with Wal-Mart as a tiny supplier? With How do you deal with an ethical issue with an intimidating boss? A tax issue with an unresponsive government? The return of a stolen client, a valuable former employee or a canceled credit line? Or simply, how do you influence someone you know to do something you think is important?

Peter Johnston answers these questions using research he launched at Harvard University, and client engagements he has experienced with smaller players and giants alike, including Wall Street bankers, political leaders, and many of the world’s largest corporations. His presentation draws on dozens of real-life stories to bring his key messages to life. You’ll see how successful smaller players from across time—such as Ben Franklin, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Bill Gates—have consistently turned conventional thinking about negotiation on its head, often changing the course of history as they negotiated against the odds with towering forces, and obtained what they wanted.

Sooner or later, everyone faces their "Goliath."Learn to defend yourself and your ideas, and level the playing field with your giant. Johnston will show you how to get what you want with intelligence, engagement and entertainment.


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